Canadian-German Wills and Estates

There are fundamental differences between Canadian and German estate law.

These differences create difficulties, in particular for Canadians whose estate planning includes German assets, Canadians who have inherited German property and Canadians who have been named as executors of estates that include property in Germany.

The solutions to these difficulties involve combining specialized knowledge of how both jurisdictions operate, how estates are wound up in both jurisdictions, and what the tax consequences are in both as well.

Canadian clients working with us have the benefit of working with German lawyers who are familiar with the Canadian legal system and the German legal system as well.

Therefore, we have a better understanding of the differences between both legal systems and are better able to explain and communicate these differences to our Canadian clients than German lawyers who are not familiar with Canadian laws.

Dr. Wolfgang Hering is a graduate of Dalhousie Law School (LL.M. 1981), Halifax, Canada and specializes in German-Canadian estate law, and has 30 years of professional experience in resolving German-Canadian estates, their disputes, and difficulties.

Examples of our specific offerings:

  • Executor and proxy services in Germany for Canadian estates with German assets.
  • Estate planning in Germany for Canadians with German assets and liabilities
  • Estate administration and wind-up services in Germany for estates that include both German and Canadian assets, and especially those that include German bank accounts, property, or other investments.
  • Estate tax planning and asset structuring in preparation for German and Canadian estate and or inheritance tax consequences.