Construction Law

We have the legal expertise and experience to create and negotiate the relevant legal contracts from the very start of the project.

This includes, for instance, general contractor agreements, GMP-contracts, turn-key agreements etc.

Constructional defects may lead to crisis situations as they reduce contractors’ profits and possibly even put the outcome of the entire building project at risk.

Rendering legal advice to both customers and contractors with regards to how to react adequately to such crisis situations is one of our core competences.

We always aim for the best possible outcome and take due account of our client’s economic interests when legally advising customers and contractors on how to deal with constructional defects.

Such legal consultation compromises inter alia the following issues:

  • risks of a cessation of work in an ongoing project
  • pros and cons of an in and out of court preservation of evidence
  • use and request of securities
  • obligation to keep records
  • formal requirements for the enforcement of claims based on defects

Changes are inevitable in any significant construction project.

Projects are rarely built exactly as they were originally designed.

A multitude of variables can generate the need for a modification.

The “changes” clause in a construction contract allows one party to implement changes in the work while the project is being constructed.

The use, dangers and documentation of contract changes is one of our important working areas.